The Successful Convening of 2014 CUFE MBA Teaching Seminar
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   OnJuly 4th , the 2014 CUFE MBA Teaching Seminar was successfully held.The Seminar focused on the feedback of the MBA Re-authentication, 2014 MBAcultivation plan and MBA paper specification. Vice dean Li Junsheng, vicepresident of CUFE Zhao Lifen, MBA teachers and thesis instructors attended theseminar. The host was the party secretary of Business School Ge Jianxin.

GeJianxin(the first from the left), Party secretary of Business School hostingthe Seminar

2014CUFE MBA Teaching Seminar

VicePresident Zhao Lifen Speaking

DeanWang Ruihua Reporting on the Contents of This Seminar

QianZhenbo, the Teacher of Managerial Communication sharing the experience of videosase teaching

TeachersWatching Video Case

TeachersTalking about the MBA thesis

TeachersTalking about the 2014 Cultivation Plan

VicePresident Li Junsheng(the first from right) Making Concluding remarks

   Therewere in-depth discussions about the existing problems of cultivation plans,thesis writing on the seminar, and numerous valuable advices were raised up.Feedbacks of the authentication will also encourage teachers and projectmanagement to make continuous improvement, which will effectively promote thequality of CUFE MBA education.  



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