Fordham University Global Business Project
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   GlobalBusiness Project is held by Graduate Business School of Fordham University. Theproject has been set in New York City, the world’s financial, cultural andmedia center; At the same time, with greater pertinence, some contents will bedesigned based on the specific backgrounds of students.

   Theproject will not only provides students with cross-cultural experience, butalso the extension of career horizons and the chance to learn the real meaningand the latest trends of Globalization in both academic and practical field.

   Theproject is designed based on the students’ backgrounds and will be tailored totheir requirements, striving to help every student to acquire the knowledgewhich fits their future career development and academic backgrounds, as well astheir interests. Exchanges with business leaders, business elites, seniormanagers will also be arranged.


AWeek in July


$1500(including Lecture fees, Enterprise visiting costs, Vehicle expenses, Breakfast,Lunch, Dinner)

Contents and Schedule

FromMonday to Wednesday

Forenoon:Lectures about Finance and Securities, Marketing, American Culture and etc.

Afternoon:Business Visits or Cultural Tour associated with the Lectures.

View Spots: TheNYSE, NASDAQ, UN, IBM, GEBloomberg,the Metropolitan Museum


SocialInvestigation: West Point and Woodbury  


Signup to the class monitor

Registerthrough the links

Sendtexts to 18611121478 in the form of Name+Student ID+Your Preferred Time(Week)




Theremay be slight adjustments to the contents of lectures

TheDate will be decided by the enrolled students voting

   Visa,airtickets,hotel and other issues will be arranged by MBA Education Center at theend of registration.

FordhamUniversity is a medium - sized private university, whose popularity in New Yorkcity ranks third after Columbia University and New York University. And theuniversity’s philosophy is International Education. Located at New York city,the international metropolis, Fordham University makes full use of itsadvantages in geographical location, the center of international business,foreign affairs, information, art, science and technology to help studentsbenefit from the special Classroom. All ten schools of Fordham University haveenrolled approximately 15000 students from all 50 states across the US and morethan 50 countries all over the world. Full-time and adjunct professors amountto about 1000 people.

   NewYork City offers incomparable opportunities to the Business School students.The school provides courses including Accounting,  Business Economics, Business Law,Communication and Media Management,

   Managementof System Design, Finance, Information and Communication System, ManagementSystem, Marketing, Taxation and etc.

   In 1998, Fordham Business School worked withChina Center for Economic Research(CCER) of Peking University  to set up the Beijing International MBA(BiMBA, Beijing International MBA), which has been one of the most outstandingbusiness school projects in China. And there are numerous famous Chinese professorsworking on that including Professor Justin Yifu Lin, Zhou Qiren, Hai Wen, YangZhuang.




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