The Opening Ceremony of CUFE Business Golf Club
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     Atthe start of year of sheep, on February 8th , the opening ceremony of CUFEBusiness Golf Club was grandly held in Capital Hotel.More than 50 peopleattended including Professor Shi Jianping,vice president of CUFE and executivevice president of Alumni Center,Professor Wang Ruihua, Dean of Business School and MBA Education CenterDirector, Professor Zhou Weizhong, deputy executive director of GraduateSchool, Professor Li Lianyou, the teacher from MBA Education Center, Zhang Dianfrom the Student Work Department of Business School, Chen Hongbing, thepresident of CUFE Business Golf Club and MBA graduate of grade 2007, LiuZhizhong, President of Beijing Alumni Association, Wang Zaiwen,  President of the Alumni Association ofBusiness School, Feng Daren, President of MBA Alumni Association, Xu Yingjie,President of the Alumni Association of Taxation School, Zhang Cuiping,President of the Alumni Association of Graduate School,Feng Weimin, BusinessSchool Alumni of grade 1987, Du Bing, Business School Alumni of grade 1988,sponsors of CUFE Chamber of Commerce,entrepreneurs and golf enthusiasts, whowitnessed the historic moment--the birth of CUFE Business Golf Club.

President of MBAAlumni Association, Feng Daren delivering a speech

Dean Wang RuihuaDelivering a Speech

Vice presidentof CUFE and executive vice president of Alumni Center,Professor Shi Jianpingdelivering a speech

Guests speaking


Introductionto CUFE Business Golf Club      

  Jointly sponsored by Golf Club of CUFEBusiness School and CUFE Chamber of Commerce, CUFE Business Golf Club is theAlumni base aiming to provide elite alumni with the opportunities of learningskills and physical fitness. The club is located at the ground floor of CapitalHotel, the operating area of which is about 400 square meters. The club’sindoor environment is beautiful, and there are four sets of original equipmentimported from Korea and wine, coffee lounge of more than 100 square meters.



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