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Second Curriculum




The CUFE MBA Programmes always considered second class educationas a very important aspect of the MBA education. It includes organizing the newcomers to take part in admission orientation activities, various lessons ofquality education; holding large scale MBA forums with financial, economic andmanagerial topics, such as Finance and Wealth Forum, Celebrity Forum, CareerNavigation Forum, Classic of the Virtue of the Tao Forum and so on. We providea series of activities for students to visit well-known enterprises, such asvisiting the Peking University Founder Group, Beiqi Futian Motor Company Ltd,Coca-Cola China Ltd, Yanjing Beer Group, etc. We also invite well-knownentrepreneurs, as well as senior human resources managers, to give studentsspecial reports, so that the MBA students can have interactive contacts withcorporate executives, which further broaden students’ business horizons and thinking.





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