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About the MBA Programmes

Brief Introduction


The CUFE MBA Education Centre was founded in 2003. The firstadmissions were offered in 2004. The MBA Education Centre was integrated withthe Business School in 2012, according to the University Board decision. TheMBA programmes are approved by the National Department of Education and theDegree Office of the Central Government, which offer education with formalschooling record and degree. According to market demand and the university’sadvantage disciplines, the MBA Education Centre offers Part-time, Full-time andInternational MBA programmes, with 3 profession directions as FinancialManagement, Accounting and Finance Management, and Business Management. The MBAprogrammes always adhere to the "distinguished, competitive-quality"brand strategy, relying on the university's overall brand advantages and strongfinancial discipline groups and the integration of quality resources all overthe university; The MBA programmes have already formed distinct characteristicsin Finance, and a good brand-name.


Programme Features

1. Forming mission-driven curriculum scheme which is distinct infinance and economics, but oriented in ability and quality.

According to the employers’ need and the feature of our university,the MBA Education Centre raises the knowledge frame and ability structure whichour MBA students should have. We also form the ability and quality model ofMBA, with which processes of MBA students selecting, curriculum schemedesigning, and faculty deploying and teaching managing areunfolded.  


2. Establishing the system of faculty selecting and conforming,to ensure the highly qualified faculty.

The MBA Education Centre integrates the university’s academicresources. The teaching faculty is selected from more than 20 faculties anddepartments, includes large number of nation or Beijing City prized teachersand tutors of postgraduate candidates, 94% consist of professors and associateprofessors, with over 80% possess experiences of oversea research or businessmanagement.

3. Linking theory with practice and emphasizing case study.

The MBA education Centre sets Case and Curriculum DevelopingDepartment, making specialists who charge the study of the present situationand development trend in domestic and foreign MBA education case teaching,development and construction of business administration data base, and thediscussion and communication in case study teaching. We have already held casestudy teaching seminars in 7 continuous years, collected more than 150 teachingcases. 3 volumes of Collections of Business Administration Cases in Chinaare printed, and Front Edge of MBA Education (e-edition) is published inevery quarter of a year.


4. Providing full process education and supporting MBA students’career development.

Career Development Department provides MBA students full processand personalized career guiding services from the very beginning of the coursesby stages. This department helps MBA students exactly find their occupationorientation and career development direction, meanwhile makes achievement intheir occupational changing and developing through systematized efforts whichinclude occupation evaluation, individual career consultation, occupationaldevelopment courses, commendation of internship and employment, as well aspracticing in the enterprises.

5. Plentiful activities and happy days of MBA students.

The Students’ Affair Department regularly organizes large-scaleforums, inviting political, academic, business and other celebrities to givelectures or reports, which broaden the students’ horizons and ideas. Theorganization of student activities such as visits to enterprises and practicaltraining helps to draw students nearer to business and society. This departmentalso guides MBA students’ organizations and classes, such as the MBA Union,Banking Club and Finance Club, to organize rich and colorful activities.


6. Actively carry out international communication and broadenMBA students’ international vision.

In order to conform to the trend of the development ofinternationalization and widen the international cooperation, the MBA EducationCentre founds oversea module which seeks to broaden students’ internationalvision and improve their communicating skills through extensive internationalexchange, lectures of oversea researchers and entrepreneurs, and providingstudents opportunity to go abroad for visiting and studying every year.







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