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Events and Awards

Programme Events



Sep 2003, The CUFE MBA Education Centre and the CUFE MBASupervision Board were founded.

Jun 2004, The first admissions of the CUFE MBA programmes.

Jun 2006, The first graduation of the CUFE MBA programmes.

Nov 2008, <China Business Administration Selected Cases>Vol 1 was published.

Jun 2009, the Peer Review Visit from the National MBA ProgrammesSupervision Board. The CUFE MBA programmes were agreed first place within theteam, with good quality in system construction, education supporting, facultyetc.

Oct 2010, as the only financial institute, CUFE was selected asone of the pilot universities in the National Comprehensive Reform forProfession Degrees in MBA Programmes.

Mar 2011, CUFE began membership of AACSB.

Jun 2011, the Peer Review Visit from AMBA. The CUFE MBAprogrammes were highly approved. CUFE became an AMBA accredited member as the8th in China and 1st in Beijing.

Jun 2011, the first admissions of the CUFE IMBA programmes andoversea students from Japan.

Sep 2012, the CUFE MBA programmes plan (new version) was carriedout.

Dec 2012, The MBA Education Centre was integrated with theBusiness School in 2012, according to the University Board decision.



Programme Awards


2014  The “2014 Most Influential MBA Brand” title (Sina 2014China Education Ceremony).

2013  The “2013 Most Influential MBA Brand” title (Sina 2013China Education Ceremony).

2012  The “2012 Most Influential MBA Brand” title (Sina2012 China Education Ceremony).

2012  The Best Organization Award in the National Excellent100 Cases Selection

2012  2 cases were selected for the 3rd national “Excellent100 Management Cases” (“Dilemma of the Investment of Enterprises’ Annuity”,“Extraordinary Am I, Therefore I Am : Orange Hotel”)

2011  The “2011 Most Influential MBA Brand” title (Sina2011 China Education Ceremony).

2011  2 cases were selected for the 2nd national “Excellent100 Management Cases”(“The Options of Kangmei Pharmaceutical Company GoesPublic”, “From Niche to the Blue Ocean : W Company’s Business Model Innovation”)

2011  On-site accredited by AMBA expert group, and becameAMBA accredited member, which was the 8th of China mainland, and the first inBeijing.

2010  Was named “the most favorite MBA program to corporateemployers” (Sina 2010 China Education Ceremony)

2010  Won the title of “2010 China’s Best Performance MBAProgramme” and in this awards total score ranked the first (World ExecutiveWeekly , World Entrepreneur Magazine, president magazine co-hosted)

2010   4 cases were selected for the 1st national“Excellent 100 Management Cases” (How to Sale after Service to ChineseCustomers, etc.)

2010   Case was selected for the 1st “China ManagementCases Sharing International Forum” (The Urgent Needs of Feihong Company wasreproduced by Business Review)

2010  Approved by the Ministry of Education, as the Masterof Business Administration (MBA) professional degree comprehensive reform pilotwork. CUFE is the only one selected for the project of the economic andfinancial colleges.

2008  Excellent research paper of “China’s MBA EducationInnovation Seminars for Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Reform andOpening Policy” (Development and Application of MBA’s Capacity and QualityModel )

2008  Won the sixth “the most developing potential MBA”title (World Executive Weekly)




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