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About CUFE





The Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) is underthe leadership of the Ministry of Education as one of the national"211" key universities (one of the 100 universities to which theChinese government has attached top priority for the 21st Century). It is oneof the national innovation platforms in certain disciplines pilot universities.CUFE was the first university in finance and economics founded by the centralgovernment, and is known as "the cradle of financial and managementexperts in China".

For a long time, CUFE pays great importance to the academicstaff. There have been 38 special government allowances experts. Among youngstaff members, 1 person was selected in "1000 Plan", 4 in “CheungKong Scholars” and 2 in “National Distinguished Teachers”, 4 in “NationalCandidates in Cross (New) Century Talents Project”, directors of the Ministryof Education Committee in social Sciences, the “New Century Excellent SupportTalents” and other types of talents. CUFE is one of the first universities thatimplement the “Cheung Kong Scholars Plan”. CUFE has 3 national teaching teamsand 7 excellent teaching teams in Beijing.

The Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) hasformed multidisciplinary systems majored in economics, management and law, andminored in literature, philosophy, science, technology, education, and arts.CUFE has key national disciplines in applied economics and accounting; Beijingkey disciplines in business management, political economics, economic informationmanagement, and multinational corporation management; 17 national excellentcourses and Beijing municipal courses; and is one of the first 5 pilot"economics and public policy advantage subject innovation platformproject" in national “preponderant disciplines innovation platform”.


With rapid advance of global economy, CUFE implementsinternational strategy, and has been established close cooperationrelationships with 126 units of colleges and universities, governments andagencies, international organizations, multinational enterprises all over theworld.

The Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) hasdetermined its overall development strategy of goals according to the trend ofthe development of higher education at home and abroad, social economicdevelopment needs, and combined with its advantages: to build a research-baseduniversity with characteristics, multiple-disciplines, andinternationalization.




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